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IOTONIX is a comprehensive platform that recognizes the true value of IoT lies in its application. Our technology and expertise can help you discover the value of IoT for your business and ensure a return on your investment. We offer end-to-end solutions or our platform, available both in the cloud and on-premise.

IOTONIX provides an all-inclusive solution with sensor hardware, software, reports, and analytics models. This makes implementation easy and cost-effective for businesses. With IOTONIX, you can quickly start reaping the benefits of IoT.

If you want to optimize your operations and reduce costs, IOTONIX is the solution you need. Contact AIT today to learn more about how our ready-to-go applications can benefit your business.

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Our range of “ready-to-go” applications includes Air Quality, Carbon Footprint, Diesel Fuel Management, Energy Management, Smart City, Warehouse Condition Monitoring and Water Management. These applications are designed to help businesses optimize their operations and reduce costs. Ready-made applications are beneficial for customers as they offer a cost-effective and low-risk solution. They are pre-built and tested, which means that businesses can save time and money on development and implementation.


Air Quality

New research shows that the air quality of the office environment has a significant impact on the ability to concentrate and productivity of employees. The results of the research study showed that employees delivered up to 61% better results in cognitive tasks in a good environment than under normal office conditions.


Carbon Footprint

The Carbon footprint of an organization is the amount of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions brought about by the organization’s operations and are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CDE). Both, direct fuel consumption of corporate vehicles and electrical energy consumption are major contributors to the Carbon footprint of an organization. Those contributers are comparably easy accounted for, more challenging are other parts, like the supply chain.


Diesel Fuel

IOTONIX helps customers optimize their fuel management with its diesel fuel flow sensors and flow level sensors. The sensors provide accurate measurements of fuel consumption and level, enabling customers to track usage, identify cost-saving opportunities, , and ensure safety by detecting potential spills and leaks. By utilizing IOTONIX’s solutions, customers can improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their overall fuel management practices.

Engineering Services


The IOTONIX Electricity Consumption and Usage Monitoring System enables you to monitor your or your tenant’s electricity usage. We offer an end-to-end solution including sensor hardware, gateways, data center and communication components for monitoring and analytics to help to reduce energy consumption and increase your efficiency, and profitability, while enhancing safety, sustainability, and availability.

Smart City

Smart City

The IOTONIX Smart City System enables municipalities, campus managers, or community managers to monitor key indicators such as air quality, electricity- and water usage and many more. We offer an end-to-end solution including sensor hardware, gateways, data center and communication components for monitoring and analytics to help to reduce energy consumption and increase your efficiency, and profitability, while enhancing safety, sustainability, and availability.


Warehouse Conditions

Protect your or your customer’s investments in products or materials with our wireless temperature, humidity, and others logging and monitoring system. Eliminate costly waste and product quality issues with a monitored and controlled warehouse and storage areas. AIT’s scalable monitoring and control application provides a cost-effective warehouse and storage management solutions for all sizes of facilities.



The IOTONIX Water Consumption and Usage Monitoring System enable you to monitor your or your tenant’s water usage. We help you to address a whole wealth of opportunities through water consumption and flow monitoring, abnormality detection, water pressure management as well as water quality.



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Key Features

Device Management

Device management is the process of managing the implementation, operation, and maintenance of a physical and/or virtual device.

IoT Data Management

All IoT data points originate from sensors or similar devices and decisions about what to do and when to do it directly derive from these data points

System Integration

System Integration is a big part of many IoT projects, as often sensors from various vendors do not all sending the data straight to IOTONIX, but to their own backend. A key component of IOTONIX is to integrate such backends for you into a single source of trruth.

Alerts and Notifications

IOTONIX allows you to configure thresholds for all types of data sources and what to do with that. Moreover, IOTONIX notifies you about any unusual data send by your sensors or devices.


IOTONIX comes with many tools to convert raw information into an easy to understand graphical format. Assisted by your subject matter experts, the data is visualized with the aim to show correlations and support data drive decision making.


Multitenancy, in the IOTONIX way, is a mode of operation where multiple independent sensors and devices of one or multiple companies operate in a shared environment. The companies (tenants) and all their data are logically isolated, but physically integrated.

IOTONIX offers you everything you need to bring physical objects, such as sensors and actuators online and use the data to make informed decisions.

We offer our platform either as a service (SaaS) or on your premise. The platform is optionally complemented by read-to-go devices and our services for solution design and project implementation. We offer that on a pay-as-go solution or, depending on your preferences as turnkey projects. Project financing by the way of BOT, BOOT and other PPP formats are likewise available.
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