Building a sustainable City

IOTONIX’s Smart City System empowers municipalities, campus managers, and community managers to take control of their environment. Our solution enables real-time monitoring of key indicators like air quality, electricity usage, water consumption, and more. We provide a comprehensive solution, including sensor hardware, data analytics, and communication tools, with the goal of enhancing efficiency, safety, sustainability, and overall quality of life.

Accessible anytime, anywhere, our user-friendly dashboard allows you to stay connected and receive timely alerts via email or LINE. .

smart city

With IOTONIX’s Smart City System, you can effectively monitor and manage:

  • Weather Conditions: Stay ahead of the weather with real-time updates.
  • Noise Pollution: Maintain the tranquility of your environment by monitoring noise levels.
  • Air Quality: Ensure the air in your city is safe and clean.
  • Traffic: Manage traffic flows to reduce congestion and improve road safety.
  • Water Quality: Monitor the quality of your city’s water sources to ensure public health.
  • Water Level and Flow: Prevent flooding and manage water resources efficiently.
  • Power Consumption: Optimize energy use to save costs and promote sustainability.

By integrating IOTONIX’s solutions into your city management practices, you stand to improve overall quality of life, sustainability, and operational efficiency. Let’s shape smarter, greener cities together with IOTONIX.

Interested in our Smart City Solutions ?

We use many of the applications we are offering ourselves or have some installed in a showcase environment. We would be glad to welcome you today at our offices to take a good look or talk to us about your requirements