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When it comes to implementing IoT and Industry 4.0 hardware and software, IOTONIX follows an agile, cost-effective, and pragmatic strategy that allows businesses to realize rapid return on investment and enjoy the benefits of the project almost instantly. We’ve developed a specialized methodology for the introduction of IoT and Industry 4.0 applications, aptly named the I3M (IoT-Industry 4.0-Introduction-Method).

Upon determining that a client is ready to move forward with IOTONIX, we kick things off with a two-day workshop to evaluate the current situation. This includes examining aspects like machinery, production lines, material and energy flow, among others. We then establish a baseline, which serves as a foundation to formulate and outline specific actions. The whole process takes about three days. Following this, we brief management on the project’s expected timeline, cost, and impact.

Once the project’s scope is mutually agreed upon, the rest of the first month is spent gaining a deep understanding of the project. Our pre-sales engineers and delivery teams maintain ongoing communication to make sure all technical facets are covered and the most suitable devices have been chosen for the project. Our pre-sales teams, equipped with an instrumentation background and complemented by IT pre-sales professionals, ensure that IOTONIX provides comprehensive coverage of both the IT and OT aspects of the project.

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