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At IOTONIX, we help you take charge of your energy consumption, whether it’s your own usage or that of your tenants. Our electricity monitoring system provides a complete solution including sensor hardware, communication components, data analytics, and more. The goal? To reduce your energy use, boost efficiency, improve safety, and promote sustainability.

Our platform opens up a world of opportunities to understand and control your energy consumption better. Our energy balance reports show exactly where energy is being used, reveal potential losses, and highlight areas for reduction.

Energy Diagram

And you’re not alone. We provide a user-friendly dashboard that you or your tenants can access from anywhere. Alerts can be received via email, LINE, or our Android app.

Choosing IOTONIX’s energy management solution brings many benefits:

  • Improved Manageability: Take control of your energy usage.
  • Fast ROI: Witness quick returns on your investment.
  • Supports a Green Building: Enhance your contribution to a greener planet.
  • Energy Saving: Uncover opportunities to save on energy.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Be part of the solution to environmental problems.
  • Reduced Consumption: Decrease your energy use and costs.
Chiller Performance
Ambience Dashboard

Power Consumption Monitoring

Effective energy management begins with understanding your power consumption. In many businesses, monitoring the energy use of individual devices or specific areas, like floors and computer rooms, can lead to significant energy savings.

Chiller Performance and Energy Balances

In Southeast Asia, building cooling often consumes a large part of a company’s energy. Our system helps you optimize your chiller plant’s performance, which can account for up to 30% of a building’s total energy consumption.

Ambient Conditions in Energy Management

The right humidity and temperature settings in your office can significantly affect employee well-being and performance. Our system allows you to monitor these factors along with air pollution levels (PM1, PM2.5, and PM10) to maintain a healthy and comfortable working environment. Our mobile app also allows building users to provide feedback on their comfort level, empowering building managers to improve customer satisfaction.

At IOTONIX, we’re not just managing energy; we’re promoting efficiency, sustainability, and well-being. Let’s power a better future together

Interested in Energy Management ?

We use many of the applications we are offering ourselves or have some installed in a showcase environment. We would be glad to welcome you today at our offices to take a good look or talk to us about your requirements