Systems Integration

Building Connectivity with Microservices-Based Integration

In the vast world of IoT, devices and gateways are connected to the Edge using the MQTT protocol. This standard API connects seamlessly with the Edge layer, which is in charge of data aggregation and executing device-specific rules and relevant subsystem.

Typically, the Edge is geographically close to the devices it manages — whether that’s on a plant-wide scale, a city-wide network, or even a nationwide system. This closeness is determined by the specific use case in question.

Thanks to its containerized, Java-based architecture, the Edge can run on all types of computers. This flexible design enhances adaptability and scalability, key traits for any thriving IoT ecosystem.

With IOTONIX’s Systems Integration, we offer a microservices-based integration layer that promotes efficient connectivity and data exchange across your IoT landscape. This way, we empower you to unlock the full potential of your IoT devices and networks.

Talk to us about systems integration. At AIT, integration is our middle name.

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