Sensor as a Service

Simplified Sensor Solutions: From Procurement to End-of-Life

Sensor as a Service is a relatively new and cost-effective model where sensors, connected to IOTONIX, are provisioned and managed as a service. Essentially, as a customer, you’re not purchasing the sensor hardware itself, but the valuable data it generates. IOTONIX simplifies sensor deployments and data collection, and then provides you access to this data through dashboards, reports, and applications.


The dependability of the IoT installation is vital to business operations, hence maintaining the installed base is paramount. Key considerations might be:

  • What would be the business impact of a non-functioning IoT infrastructure?
  • How quickly can the systems be restored to full operation?
  • To what extent would your customers and business partners be affected?
  • What are the direct and indirect costs of an IoT infrastructure failure?

With IOTONIX, you’re presented with a choice. We package support and maintenance services as part of the ‘Sensor as a Service’ program for installed sensors and other on-premise devices, ensuring minimal downtimes and consistent data delivery. In addition, we offer the option to service your complete ICT infrastructure as a service, even if you are not availing of the ‘Sensor as a Service’ program. This way, we make sure your business stays up and running smoothly.

Interested in Sensor-as-a-Service?

We use many of the applications we are offering ourselves or have some installed in a showcase environment. We would be glad to welcome you today at our offices to take a good look or talk to us about your requirements